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What is a lazy eye?

Lazy eye occurs due to poor vision and it usually occurs in one eye only. There are instances where amblyopia affects both eyes. Amblyopia is likely to affect children from birth up until seven years old, while their visual systems are still developing.

What are the signs of amblyopia?

In most cases, parents are unaware that their child has an eye condition, and sometimes, the child does not notice it either. Therefore, as a preventative measure, regular eye screenings for conditions such as strabismus and amblyopia are done to prevent gradual vision loss.

How do we treat a lazy eye (amblyopia) in children?

Non-surgical treatments for lazy eye in children include prescription eyeglasses, atropine eye drops and eye patching.

How soon should you treat lazy eyes in children?

Treatment for lazy eye should occur as soon as possible during childhood, when the connection between the eyes and brain is still forming. Parents can expect to see good results, especially if diagnosed at a young age.


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