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What is epiphora?

Epiphora is watering eyes, a condition that commonly affects babies. Most watery eyes occur as a result of a blocked tear duct, but watering may develop for several other reasons such as infections, allergies or entropion, which occurs when the eyelid turns in and scratches the eyeball, causing it to water excessively.

What are the signs of epiphora in children?

Watery eyes occur when the eyes fill with tears or roll down on either side of the cheek.

How do we treat watering eyes in children?

Treatment depends on what is causing the child’s eyes to water. For example, an eye infection that causes watery eyes is treated with prescription antibiotic eye drops. Any foreign body irritating the eye, which may be causing it to water, will be removed by your child’s doctor.

If a blocked tear duct is the cause of watering eyes, we remove the obstruction causing the blockage with a small probing operation after 12 months of age.

How soon do you need to treat watery eyes in children?

Often children born with watering or sticky eyes get better on their own. That is why we usually leave it for 12 months to see if it resolves spontaneously before we consider surgery.


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