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Eyelid surgery is performed to improve the appearance of the eyelid and treat conditions affecting the structure. Dr Mustak performs eyelid surgery to treat the following conditions:


Entropion is a condition where the eyelid, usually the lower lid, turns inwards towards the eyeball. This can be greatly uncomfortable, as the eyelashes may rub against the eyeball, causing irritation and inflammation.

Causes of entropion include muscle weakness, infection, post-surgical scarring and inflammation of the eye. In some cases, the condition may also be congenital, meaning it is a developmental issue present at birth.

Symptoms usually present as excessive tearing, crusting or discharge around the eye, light sensitivity and eye redness. The condition becomes severe when you have a sudden onset of symptoms such as redness, light sensitivity and pain. If left untreated, entropion can lead to vision loss from repetitive corneal irritation which results in corneal scarring.


Ectropion is a condition where the eyelid may turn outwards. This leaves the inner eyelid surface exposed and, like the above-mentioned entropion, can cause irritation and inflammation.

Causes of the condition include growths on the eyelid, genetic disorders such as Down’s Syndrome and facial paralysis. Ectropion is also more likely to affect older patients and leads to complications such as eye irritation and dry eyes. Like entropion, tearing, light sensitivity, and pain may also be experienced if you have ectropion.

The condition can also lead to vision loss or the development of ulcers on the cornea if left untreated.

While conservative treatments such as eye drops may help with symptoms, management of entropion and ectropion usually requires surgery to correct the position of the eyelid. The type of surgery will depend on the exact cause of the eyelid malposition. Most surgeries required to correct the problem are now done with small incisions and a minimally invasive approach.


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