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Why is there a growth on my eyelid?

Eyelid bumps can appear red, white or yellow. A growth on the eyelid is harmless most of the time but can be irritating and make one self-conscious about their appearance.

Types of eyelid growths are:

  • Stye: A stye forms on the outer ridge of the eyelid and is painful to touch.
  • Chalazion : A chalazion looks like a stye but is a little bigger, about the size of a pea. The growth forms behind the eyelashes but mostly occur on the upper eyelid. If chalazion causes blurry vision, surgical removal is necessary.
  • Milium: Milia are small white cysts that often affect children.
  • Xanthelasma: An accumulation of yellow plaque under the skin, close to the nose, is known as xanthelasma.

How do you treat eyelid growths?

Like pimples, chalazia must never be popped, while milia disappear in time. Xanthelasma, on the other hand, has a lot to do with high cholesterol and unhealthy eating. Medication shrinks the growth, but it won't disappear entirely. There are three ways to remove growths on eyelids, including electrosurgery, cryotherapy, drainage and snip excision.

Most procedures can be performed as simple in rooms procedures under local anaesthetic, but certain growths may need to be removed in theatre using a surgical microscope.


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