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The use of spectacles or contact lenses can be uncomfortable for some patients, causing pain and discomfort in the eyes. Spectacle and contact lens intolerance can develop due to a patient’s preference or lifestyle. In some cases, however, the condition can be caused by allergies, dry eyes or other underlying ocular conditions. Improper use of contact lenses can also lead to spectacle and contact lens intolerance.

Atlantic Eye Centre offers comprehensive refractive screening services to assess your suitability for alternatives to spectacles or contact lenses. Through a slit lamp exam involving powerful magnification, our specialists can see the internal structure of the eyes. During this exam, a microscope illuminates the eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, and lens, allowing us to identify complications such as tear gland abnormalities, corneal scarring, ocular surface problems or cataract. Once the underlying cause for spectacle and contact lens intolerance is identified, a corneal topography is performed along with assessment of the anterior chamber depth to determine corneal thickness and steepness.

Ocular problems that can be addressed to improve spectacle or contact lens intolerance will be treated. However, if the patient wishes to be free from spectacles or contact lenses, then we may recommend laser refractive procedures such as LASIK, PRK or surgical procedures such as Limbal relaxing incisions, Implantable contact lens (ICL) implantation or lens exchange. The decision of which option is best for you depends on various ocular factors as well as your preference and lifestyle.


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